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“This website is where you want to find yourself if you are in search of healthy and delicious food! Tara is a fantastic cook and offers a well curated menu that will satisfy any taste buds in your household. You can give yourself a weeks worth of healthy lunches for yourself or your kids or a few dinner options knowing that all of the dishes have been prepared with care so that you end up with delicious and nutritious food on your plate." Lori B

"When my daughter went on a special diet, I wanted to give her what she needed but, I found myself in the kitchen all the time.  I was overwhelmed and began to resent it.  Then I found Tara at feed your body, what a relief.  Here was a qualified nutritionist who really understood what was needed and was passionate about creating delicious healthy food.  My life instantly became so much easier and our whole family benefited from the healthy food (and the happier mother).  My daughter has since healed tremendously as a result of the level of care she received.  Everyone wants nutritious food for good health but so few of us have the time to prepare it.  Tara is the answer."  Lois 



"We have had the immense good fortune to work with feed your body for several months now. She has helped us reset our habits to a healthier, more sustainable way of eating. In addition to her dietary advice and guidance, she prepares the most amazing meals! We look forward to our 'pick up' day every week knowing that dinner will be served and it will be fantastic. Through her guidance and specific meal planning, Tara has given us more energy, helped us move towards healthier weight, and provided insight into our food issues and options (e.g., gluten sensitivity). We found we ate out less, ate in more, and felt so much better on both accounts. Thank you Tara!" Teresa and Paul



"I came home from work last night and my fridge was full of lime and mint quinoa, asparagus basil salad, sweet potatoes with cinnamon, snap peas with mint & cashews, green bean salad with goat cheese, salt n  pepper potatoes, honey garlic turkey sausage, lemon rosemary chicken, turkey with broccoli and beef kabobs. It's not just the benefits of coming home to a fridge full of food,  it's not having to take the time to figure out your meals for the week, time at the grocery store, meal preparation, but the best of all there is no cleanup.  You just put your plates in the dishwasher, no scrubbing pots and pans. It has reduced a lot of stress in our house and saved me a lot of time, more importantly we are having healthy meals." Melissa



"We were both working full time and found that meal planning was not a priority. By the time we got home, tired and uninspired about cooking, we always pulled something together. That was until we read an ad in our local paper about feed your body. We had taken an interest in the Food Network, enjoyed watching a variety of programs around food, and always thought that it would be really neat to have a take-home type chef. Voilà Tara Walton! She made an initial visit to get to know us - our likes and dislikes, allergies, other health factors - and to suggest a plan. Tara has always been innovative in her meal selections and her choices seem endless. It has been a lot of fun working with her in order to make healthy eating a priority again." Heather



"While most people will remark on the quality, freshness and amazing taste of Tara’s food (and that certainly is true!) I’d also like to point out her professionalism and excellent customer service. Tara returns emails promptly, responds openly to specific requests and is meticulous in her record keeping. Her meals suggestions are varied, healthy and mouth-watering. I’d recommend her services highly." Robbin



"We were introduced to Tara (feed your body) through friends who raved about receiving "home-cooked" meals, weekly. Our busy young family initially went to Tara to provide the convenience of nutritious meals. Over the years she has catered to our evolving dietary requests, taste preferences, interest in new dishes, and our request for local and organic foods.  In our workday we make lots of different decisions - so with Tara, we requested that she manage the meal menu each week. We love the varied surprise each week!  Through Tara, our family is exposed to many different styles of cooking, international flavours, and healthy nutritionally balanced meals! We definitely recommend our friends to feed your body." Kristene



"I have been a client of Tara’s since late in 2013. She has a wonderfully extensive menu from which to make exciting choices, and she is able to accommodate a wide variety of food sensitivities and dietary preferences. I really appreciate her making meal times both nutritious and delicious."  Amanda  

"As a busy professional, occasions often arise where I simply don't have time to cook. Tara offers incredible service using wonderful food and delicious ingredients.  She prepares outstanding meals with a keen understanding of taste preferences while balancing nutrition.  Excellent value and I will not hesitate to use her service again and again!" Jay T. Schramek

"With our crazy work and social calendar the variety of healthy, wholesome and delicious meals from feed your body made our life so much more manageable. The time of food pick up was well coordinated, the menu choices were exceptional and Tara provides a very personalized service for everyone's dietary needs.  I would most definitely recommend Tara and Feed Your Body to anyone who is trying to keep things balanced in a busy life. Knowing a healthy and nutritious meal is waiting for you provides one less stress in a day. " ~ Lisa H

"We are very happy and thankful for the yummy meals made by Tara. There was a good selection of healthy meals and portion size was more than enough for us to enjoy. This was a great service for our busy family. We would recommend feed your body's meals to anyone." ~ Jennifer G


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